Restorative Circles & Healing Practices


Circle practices can be found in many cultures and are a way to build community, address difficult issues or painful experiences, or even repair harm through restorative justice. Sitting in circle symbolizes shared leadership, equality, connection, and inclusion. There is a structure to the practice that is intended to create a space of shared wisdom, in which each participant is valued equally.  

Circles are guided by the values and commitments participants make to one another. Each person within the circle and the structure and process we go through together create a transformative environment in which healing and restoration are possible. Circles also promote focus, accountability, and participation from each person present.

Just a few of the transformations and takeaways you can expect from a guided circle practice:

  • Connect with others in ways we don’t usually get to do
  • Build trust and generate healing
  • Feel grounded in your resiliency and capacity to take risks

Please contact me to learn more.

I would love to work with you to design and facilitate a circle that meets your vision and desired outcomes. 


Image by Devalei Love from Pixabay


“Hedy’s warmth, intuition, and amazing facilitation skills enabled group members to co-create a safe, supportive space where we could explore authenticity and vulnerability. It was an honor to witness others, and a pleasure to be witnessed in a new way. I’ve participated in many groups and retreats, and this experience was one that stayed with me. Hedy’s strong, centered leadership creates opportunities for healing, community, and growth.”  

Amy, restorative circle participant