For Educators


Educators are on the front lines of physical and mental stress on a daily basis. Mindfulness and movement can be powerful tools in relieving that stress. Beyond stress management, regular mindfulness and/or yoga practice actually strengthens neurological pathways for increased stress resilience.

Additionally, research shows that mindfulness can increase teachers’ sense of well-being and teaching self-efficacy, as well as their ability to manage classroom behavior and establish and maintain supportive relationships with students.

Whether you would like to give your team access to a weekly yoga class or meditation practice, would like to incorporate mindfulness or movement into a staff meeting, or would like to explore community building or other goals for your team, I will work with you to tailor an approach that will meet your needs and desired outcomes. 

Group Yoga & Mindfulness for Self Care

Give your staff an opportunity to refresh and recharge with yoga, mindfulness, or a combination.

  • Tailored to your goals and schedule
  • Promotes relaxation, mental clarity, and resilience
  • Supportive for beginners and seasoned practitioners



One time or ongoing training in developing a mindfulness and/or movement practice for personal and classroom use.

  • Practices are trauma informed and build stress resilience, focus, and emotion regulation
  • Develop strategies for re-centering over the course of the school day
  • Improve organizational culture, effectiveness, relationships, and capacity for collaboration



Supportive for leadership, teachers, individuals or small groups, tailored to your goals and schedule.

  • Improve your capacity to feel centered and model authentic leadership in your interactions  
  • Work on specific goals related to mindfulness or movement practice
  • Develop strategies for bringing the tools of  trauma informed mindfulness to your students