For Educators


Research on the neurobiology of mindfulness suggests that sustained practice can enhance attentional and emotional self-regulation and promote flexibility, pointing toward significant potential benefits for both teachers and students. Early research results suggest that personal training in mindfulness skills can increase teachers’ sense of well-being and teaching self-efficacy, as well as their ability to manage classroom behavior and establish and maintain supportive relationships with students. (Meiklejohn, et al.)


Group Yoga & Mindfulness for Self Care

Give your staff an opportunity to refresh and recharge with yoga, mindfulness, or a combination. Tailored to your goals and schedule. 

Professional Development

One time or ongoing training in developing a mindfulness practice for personal and classroom use. Practices are trauma informed and build stress resilience, focus, and emotion regulation

One-on-One or Small Group Coaching

Perfect follow up to a training for leadership or staff.  Tailored to your goals and schedule.