Supporting a more mindful workplace



The connection between mindfulness and well-being is well established and can have a profound impact on the workplace.  Taking mindfulness and movement breaks in the workday is proven to help people increase focus, make better decisions, be more productive, and have more positive relationships with co-workers. Additionally, beyond stress management, regular mindfulness and/or yoga practice strengthens neurological pathways for increased stress resilience.
Whether you would like to give your team access to a weekly yoga class or meditation practice, would like to incorporate mindfulness or movement into a strategy meeting, or would like to explore community building or other goals for your team, I will work with you to tailor an approach that will meet the needs and desired outcomes for your group. 

Group Yoga 

Gentle movements that relieve mental and physical tension, and build strength and flexibility

  • Counter the physical effects of sitting all day with a midday refresh or after work unwind
  • Clear your mind and relieve tension in your body – de-stress, re-energize, re-focus
  • Supportive for beginners and seasoned practitioners, inclusive for all bodies in any attire
  • Co-designed with you to fit your schedule, space, and goals

Group Mindfulness

Provides a reset for increased focus and creativity

  • Promotes relaxation, mental clarity, and resilience 
  • Supportive for beginners and seasoned practitioners
  • Customizable to include as much instruction and content as your group would like
  • Return to work feeling focused and alert

Coaching & Personal Instruction

Individualized instruction and practice in mindfulness and/or yoga

  • Improve your capacity to feel centered and model authentic leadership in your interactions  
  • Work on specific goals related to mindfulness or movement practice
  • Become aware of patterns that are limiting
  • Create a personalized practice that you can integrate into daily life

Team-Building & Workshops

Take your team to new levels of creativity, focus, and community

  • Movement, meditation, training, reinforcing shared values, and community building activities
  • Improve organizational culture and effectiveness
  • Improve work relationships and capacity for collaboration
  • Develop strategies for re-centering over the course of the workday